How can we prevent our cat from spraying?

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If you have a pet, then to keep the home clean may be challenging. Most of the pets are not appropriately taught to litter or urinate in a particular place, and sometimes they pee on the wall and furniture because of some disease and mental problems. If the cat is not urinating in the litter box but expects to urinate on hormonal place car litters on walls, then it is spraying. We need to end cat spraying by adopting some methods and ways. Cats leave the scent signals for communicating with other cats by scratching and urinating. 

Methods to prevent the cat from spraying

  • Sometimes the cat shows undesirable behavior because they want to get attention from the owner. Try to spend more and more time with a pet; your attention can help to end cat spraying. Care can work faster than any pills, so spend the time pet and make him/her feel important. We can purchase the fake mice, balls, and any other such toys for the cat, so that cat could feel busy with these items.
  • If our cat is spraying, it may be because of anxiety; in such a situation, our attention will be the best pill for the cat. If your attention and caring are not working on improving the problem of a cat, then you need to take the medication. Medicine will help bring out the pet from anxiety and also will be useful in end cat spraying.
  • Cat’s spraying may be due to territory, then make sure that any other pet is not into the contacts with cat in this situation. When the cat would not see anybody in the territory, then the behavior of the cat may be normal in some days. If you are giving medication, then keep in medicine until the problem exists.
  • Sometimes cat shows such behavior because of others cat so you can restrict the pet at home to not to see other neighboring pet. If the reason for the annoying problem of the cat was another pet, then soon the restriction will end cat spraying. 

These are some methods by which anyone can prevent his cat’s spraying. Follow these methods and make your pet healthy and avoid anxiety.