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Amy Lou Jenkins is the award-winning author of Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open-Air Parenting

"If you combined the lyricism of Annie Dillard, the vision of Aldo Leopold, and the gentle but tough-minded optimism of Frank McCourt, you might come close to Amy Lou Jenkins.Tom Bissell author of The Father of All Things 

"Sentence by sentence, a joy to read."   Phillip Lopate, Author of Waterfront

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Featured Anthologies

Featured Anthology

Mentors, Muses & Monsters: 30 Writers on the People Who Changed Their Lives

Edited and with a contribution by Elizabeth Benedict

30 great writers on 30 great writers offers exponentially vast possibilities for every aspiring writer.



Would Mozart have been Mozart without Hayden’s influence?  Would Shakespeare have been Shakespeare without Plutarch’s Lives and Holinshed’s Chronicles to draw on? Would T.S. Eliot’s Waste Land have become what it is without Ezra Pound’s edits?  In MENTORS, MUSES & MONSTERS:  30 Writers on the People Who Changed Their Lives, thirty of today’s brightest literary lights turn their attention to the question of mentorship and influence, exploring the people, events and books that have transformed their lives.  With contributions from 2 Pulitzer Prize-winners, 6 National Book Award recipients, and other all-star authors of bestsellers and Oprah picks, the result is an astonishing collection of stirring, insightful, and often funny personal essays.  

Every human must face loss. Poetry has the potential to exist within that same transcendent sphere. 

Beloved on the Earth

150 Poems of Grief and Gratitude



(Including an Original Interview with Advisory Editor Michael O'Keefe): 

The Poem I Turn To

 Anthology editor and poet, Jason Shinder was struck by the searching and shifting nature of actors. These are also traits of poets and poetry lovers. The Poem I Turn To illuminates the nature of seeking, of being human, entwining the actor, the poet, and the reader. 

Shinder died April 25th, 2008 after living with cancer for several years. He knew he was sick, yet poetry remained a central focus of his life.  So much so, that he gave much of his waning vitality to this anthology project.

The Poem I Turn To With Audio CD



 Fresh Water:

Women Writing on the Great Lakes


Fresh Water by Allison Swan: Book Cover

Belonging: New Poetry by Iranians Around the World

These vibrant poems deepen the often limited awareness of Iranian identity today by not only introducing readers to contemporary Iranian poetry, but also expanding the canon of significant writing in the Persian language.


This featured anthology page includes an original interview with Editor Niloufar Talebi


The Poem I Turn To

The Poetry Behind the Performances: Top Actors Talk Inspiration

With Audio CD: Actors and Directors Present Poetry That Inspires Them

Poet, Jason Shinder was struck by the searching and shifting nature of actors. These are also traits of poets and poetry lovers. The Poem I Turn To illuminates the nature of seeking, of being human, entwining the actor, the poet, and the reader.  Shinder dedicated the book, in part, to the memory of actor David Coleman Dukes.  Proceeds will support the David Coleman Dukes Memorial Theatre Scholarship Fund at the University of Southern California.   


Roger Houseden's Ten Poems series is my pick of  anthologies to feature in February.   My reasons are manifold and selfish.   Housden offers a personal account of the meaning of a poem and how it resonates in his life. 

The Right Words at The Right Time   a collection of inspiring, first-person stories in which 108 celebrated icons -- from Muhammad Ali and Katie Couric to Jack Nicholson and Oprah Winfrey -- recalled a time in their lives when just the right words, spoken at precisely the right moment, changed their lives.                                

When You purchase a new

Right Words at the Right

 Time book

--proceeds  are donated to

St Jude Children's Research Hospital


Subway Chronicles So these New Yorkers are sitting around after a big meal and kvetching and tall-tale telling about true adventures in a common location. From this table talk the underground literature of The Subway Chronicles emerged. 


Joyful Noise

All poetry is spiritual," Robert Strong points out in his introduction. "As I worked on this anthology, I heard this sentiment again and again...



Read the Best Short Stories


"The best available [essay  anthology] no matter how crowded the field."  -- Chicago Tribune.  

Featured Anthology:  The Art of the Personal Essay  With forward by  Phillip Lopate


Feature Anthology: Tim Russert's Wisdom of Our Fathers

...a celebration of the positive qualities passed down from generation to generation.


Featured Anthology:

 The Simple Touch of Fate; Real People; Real Stories
by Arlene Uslander, Brenda Warneka

A Conversation With Anthology Editors

by Amy Jenkins

Here's another in our series of interviews with editors who have published a successful anthology.  

The Simple Touch of Fate

  Get Published Now with iUniverse!

Featured Anthologies:

Political Anthologies

What keeps us going when times get tough? How do we act to create a more humane world, no matter how hard it seems?

The Impossible Will Take a Little While gathers stories and essays of engagement that range across nations, eras, and political movements. These visionary and eloquent voices include Diane Ackerman, Sherman Alexie, Maya Angelou, Mary Catherine Bateson, Ariel Dorfman, Marian Wright Edelman, Eduardo Galeano, Susan Griffin, Vaclav Havel, Seamus Heaney, Tony Kushner, Jonathan Kozol, Bill McKibben, Nelson Mandela, Pablo Neruda, Henri Nouwen, Arundhati Roy, Desmond Tutu, Alice Walker, Cornel West, Terry Tempest Williams, and Howard Zinn.

Featured Anthologies:

Best American Mysteries


Featured Writing Anthologies

These anthologies tell writers and literary voyeurs how they write. Want to know secrets from writers who publish in the best literary venues of our age?--read anthologies about writing. Also read prize winning and best anthologies


 Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul


Writers on Writing

Shelf Life

Gary Paulsen  

Featured Anthology: (Our first anthology for young readers) Shelf Life Newbery Honor author Gary Paulsen has long been an ardent supporter of books, reading, and literacy programs. To further the cause of ProLiteracy Worldwide, he asked prominent authors to write an original story; the only restriction was that each story was to include mention of a book.

Featured Anthology

Kenny Fries'

Staring Back

The Disability Experience from the Inside Out, (Plume, 1997), an anthology of disabled writers  

Featured Anthology Series:

Kay Allenbaugh's

Chocolate for Women


Chocolate for Teens

Chocolate and women just go together! These rich, true stories published with Simon & Schuster are the perfect gift to encourage, inspire and humor women and teen girls alike. These stories about love, overcoming obstacles, discovering your life purpose, family life, listening for the divine, or learning to laugh at yourself will warm your spirit. To become a part of this nationally best-selling, ongoing series, visit author, Kay Allenbaugh, at  or see the April edition of Writers Wanted for guidelines and payment details for accepted stories.

 Chocolate for a Woman's Soul, Vol. II

 Chocolate for a Teen's Dreams:...

 Chocolate for a Mother's Heart:...


Chocolate for a Teen's Soul:  

late for a Woman's Courage: ...



Chocolate for a Woman's Spirit: ...


 Featured Anthology Series: Collections by Roger Housden Includes an original brief interview with Roger Housden.

 I picked up  Housden's Ten Poems to Change Your Life about a year ago, mainly because I wanted to understand poetry better.  From the first poem, Mary Oliver's The Journey, I was bewitched. "One day you finally knew what you had to do and began..."  I don't know if I understand poetry better, but I understand humanity better for this lovely book.  Housden has shared the impact a writer can have on the readers soul.  



 Risking Everything: 110 Poems of Love... This luminous anthology brings together great poets from around the world whose work transcends culture and time.

Ten Poems to Change Your Life  It amazes, startles, pierces, and transforms us. It can lead to communion and grace.


 Brian Lamb's Booknotes

Audio Anthologies for Car Trips




Featured Anthology Series


For two decades Outside magazine has remained committed to good writing, publishing feature articles from well-known authors on a variety of topics connected (in sometimes obscure yet fascinating ways) to the outdoors, adventure, travel, and just about anything else that happens beyond the confines of the mall.

 This anthology series will excite those who love great literature and those who find inspiration under an open sky. 

Featured Anthologies: Cop Tales

( and Tails-- find out about the Cop Tails at the bottom of the  Cop Tales page)

Whether you're looking for the gritty real life police stories written by those who serve, or a collection that's much more light--you will enjoy our honored guests in this month's featured anthology theme.

Police Heroes honors and celebrates those members of America's police force who take the oath to protect and serve seriously. These men, women, and K-9 officers are asked to put their personal safety aside for a greater good on a daily basis, but sometimes the call of duty is above and beyond even their expectations. You're about to meet some remarkably courageous individuals, all of whom acted bravely in the most trying, life-threatening situations.

Featured Anthology Series:

God Allows U-Turns

I just bought five GAUT books and gave them to dear friends.  I've been blessed with tearful and smiling calls all week.  These books touched them with simple and real messages.  Read the books and consider your ability to touch others by submitting to this acclaimed series.


Featured Anthology Series

June Cotner’s Anthologies

Find the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion in June Cotner's beautiful books that celebrate family, faith, and special occasions.  Celebrate a simple meal, a holiday, a wedding dinner, a new baby, and more.  Offer comfort to the sick, and those in need of inspiration. Find a place to publish your inspirational words.

Featured Anthology: Monterey Shorts

What happens when a group of talented diverse writers subject themselves to the support and criticism of each other?  If they are lucky--magic.

Find reviews, author profiles and an engaging excerpt.


Literary brilliance is one of the most enduring and cherished of Irish stereotypes

New Irish Anthology

Emerald Magic

Writing the Short Story : A Hands-On Program
by Jack M. Bickham
  Note: this book is out of print--but do look for used books at bargian prices.                      

Tales of Adventure

Did you think all anthologies and collections are heartwarming?

Here's an anthology and a collection that are heart stopping.

If dad has a strong heart--these would make great Father's Day gifts.

  Nature and Adventure

No need for cabin fever when the natural world is waiting to quicken your pulse and stimulate your senses.


McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Tales
A Vintage Contemporaries Original
Chabon's collection reads like a "Who's Who" in fantasy and adventure literature. This is not a book for sissies.  So full of wild adventure, you'll need to shower after reading.

The Lost World and Other Thrilling Tales...

In a tradition that stretches from Gulliver's Travels to Jurassic Park, The Lost World is the first of Conan Doyle's stories to feature Professor Challenger.

It had to happen.  When a reading/writing/publishing site specializes in anthologies--sooner or later the featured anthologies have to come from the Chicken Soup Series.  Find a varied collection for the traditional mom, the goofy mom, or the sentimental mom. Explore the Chicken Soup For Mom Anthologies.  

 C S for the Soul Celebrates

Mothers : A Collection in Words and Photographs

 Chicken Soup for the Soul Cartoons for Moms

Ellen Jacob "You're the Best"

 collections.  Your Mom and friend deserve to know what you think.

You're The Best Mom Ever

You're the Best Friend Ever



Bride? Groom? Best Man? Maid of Honor? Father of the Bride?

Whatever your part in the wedding, there's an anthology out there to make your words meaningful and memorable.

Wedding Anthologies

 Things Remembered Wedding Discount 125.1

The Un-Halloween Book

Deb Miteff

Buy New $11.89!

An Anthology of Halloween Anthologies

The approach of autumn and the Halloween Season has varied appeal. Some love the idea of cool weather and a chilling breeze right down their spine. Some would rather celebrate All Saints Day and forget the scary stuff.  Some need just the right craft or costume project to lead to a spookin' good time. Our anthology of anthologies for Halloween will spotlight your seasonal interest. 

 Illegally Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids

Featured Anthologies   Best Cookbooks          Also see Fifty Cookbooks 

 The Best American Recipes 2003-2004 : The Year's Top Picks from Books, Magazines, Newspapers, and the Internet

Having this volume at your disposal is like subscribing to every food magazine in the country, owning every newly released cookbook, and having a trusted food authority test every single recipe.

The Healthy Kitchen: Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit

Who knew healthy cooking could be so sensuous and wonderful?   For food that --feels good to eat


Best of the Best: The Best Recipes from the 25 Best Cookbooks of the Year

 Buy only one cookbook this year, and still get all the best recipes published in the past 12 months. Almost 1 million subscribers heartily agree...


Looking for God in All the Right Places..

Celebrate the Easter Season with a Special June Cotner Featured Anthology:  Looking For God

“Yes, there are many ways to search for God, but there’s one God to find, and one alone. The great news is that He’s already searching for us, individually, and promises if we seek, we’ll find Him. Cotner’s book will help many find Him more quickly.”

                                                              Pat Boone

                                                             entertainerGardener's Supply Company


December Special

 Find  Featured Holiday Anthologies