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Amy Lou Jenkins is the award-winning author of Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open-Air Parenting

"If you combined the lyricism of Annie Dillard, the vision of Aldo Leopold, and the gentle but tough-minded optimism of Frank McCourt, you might come close to Amy Lou Jenkins.Tom Bissell author of The Father of All Things 

"Sentence by sentence, a joy to read."   — Phillip Lopate, Author of Waterfront

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December Calls for Submissions

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Fourth Genre is currently seeking the best creative nonfiction essay/memoir for its annual Editor's Prize.

Annual Editors' Prize

Writer's Market 2011 



Fourth Genre is currently seeking the best creative nonfiction essay/memoir for its Fourth Annual Editors' Prize. Authors of previously unpublished manuscripts in English are encouraged to enter.

The First Prize winner will receive $1,000 and publication in an upcoming issue of Fourth Genre. The Runner-Up essay will be considered for publication.

Reading Period: January 5 - February 28, 2011.

Entry Fee: $15 for each submission


(Fourth Genre sample copy included).

Make checks payable to Michigan State University Press.

6,000 Word Maximum

Double-spaced, bound with clip.

Include SASE and cover letter with name, address,

phone number, e-mail address, essay title, and approximate word count.

Entry must be previously unpublished.

All submissions will be considered individually for publication.

Simultaneous submissions accepted; notice required if work accepted elsewhere.

Manuscripts will not be returned; all will be recycled.

Do not send corrections. Winners may make changes after notification.


Direct all inquiries to Do not send inquiries to

Send completed manuscript to:

Fourth Genre Editors' Prize

Holiday Anthologies: Written by an Anthologies Online Featured Writer  

Graces : Prayers and Poems for Everyday Meals and Special Occasions

Christmas Blessings: Prayers and Poems to Celebrate the Season


Department of Writing, Rhetoric & American Cultures
Michigan State University
285 Bessey Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1033

Do not send to MSU Press.

American Short Fiction


Contest deadline extended! Accepting stories until January 3, 2011

Key Contest Guidelines
* All entries must be unpublished and 6,000 words or less. Please type and double-space.
* The contest entry fee is $20. You may submit only one story per entry, but you can enter as many times as you like. Before submitting a story, entrants should pay the $20 entry fee through our publisher's secure online store ( Entries submitted without a fee will not be considered for the contest.
* The $20 fee entitles the entrant to a copy of the contest issue.
* All entries should be uploaded to the American Short Fiction Submission Manager.
* Winners will be announced on March 31, 2010. Emails with details will be sent to all contestants.
* We comply with the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) Code of Ethics.


Chicken Soup for the Soul® has many new books in development


Brides and Weddings
You are engaged! How lucky you are to have found that one person you want to share the rest of your life with. We are looking for stories about this very special experience in your life. From the proposal, to the planning, to actual wedding day events both touching and hilarious - these stories will capture your heart and your emotions. Stories from the groom or the proud parents would be great too! Please share the memories that were created during this special time in your life. The deadline date for story submissions is April 30, 2011.

If you are Canadian, we are looking for stories from you! Send us your inspirational, humorous, or heartwarming stories. They don't have to specifically be about Canada -- they just have to be Chicken Soup for the Soul stories that take place in Canada or are written by Canadians. If you are not Canadian but you have a great story that took place in Canada (examples would be American college student at McGill, stranded travelers in Newfoundland on 9/11, great vacation stories) that is fine too. The deadline for story submissions is January 30, 2011.

Devotional Stories for Times of Trouble
Life has always been filled with trials, including illness, job loss, grief, addictions, and much more. God never promised that our earthly lives would be without difficulties, but he assured us that he will always be with us to share our burdens. If you have a brief true story (up to 500 words) that shows God's presence during a time of trouble, please share it along with an applicable Bible verse and a 2-3 sentence prayer. You will receive $100 for each published devotion. ($100 due to the shorter word count than our regular books.) The deadline date for submissions is February 28, 2011.

Marriage and Married Life
Whether you are newly married or have been married for years and years, the stories in this book will capture your imagination, inspire you, make you laugh and touch your heart. We are looking for stories that will celebrate the commitment two people make when they say their vows. Tell us about your relationship. What makes it work? How did the comfort of your mate guide you through challenging times? What is the most important thing in your relationship? How did you try to change your mate? Did it work?! The deadline date for story submissions is May 30, 2011.

Mothers and Daughters
Mothers and daughters - they are, at the same time, very similar and also completely unique. Mothers show daughters who they will become. Daughters live out mother's€™ dreams. Through birth, childhood, teen years, adulthood, grandchildren, aging, and every step in between, this relationship can be the best, the hardest, and the sweetest. The deadline date for story submissions is December 31, 2010. This title will not publish until 2012.

A completely new book on one of our most requested topics - TEENS. The stories in this book, written almost entirely by teens, will be stories that you will want to read again and again. They will serve as your guide on topics such as the daily pressures of life, love, school, friendships, parents and much more. We are looking for stories that will encourage you, inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry and show you that, as tough as things can get, you are not alone. The deadline date for story submissions is December 31, 2010.

Young at Heart
So, you've crossed that magic age and you are ready to retire or start a second career. But you're not ready to stop living! You feel energetic and young and there is still so much to see and do and enjoy. We are looking for stories that will share with our readers humorous and fun adventures from those who are actively enjoying their "senior years!" Tell us about your new careers, your volunteer work, your sports and sports cars, your new love interest, your travels, your families and all of those things you always wanted to do that you are finally doing now that you have the time. The deadline date for story submissions is December 31, 2010.

The Quotable

Visit website to submit and for Details:

 The Quarterly Publication of Quotable Fiction seeks original, unpublished fiction (under 3,000 words), creative non-fiction
(under 3,000 words), and artwork for its First Issue: The Fools Issue.

Fish Publishing Contest


The Third Fish International Poetry Prize
The Fish One-Page Prize
Open 1st January
 The aim of the Fish writing competitions is to get new authors and poets into print. Many of these writers have gone on to make successful careers as authors.
Requires stories of 250 words max on any subject. €1,000 First Prize + €100 each to nine runners up. Top 10 published in Fish Anthology.


 Contests : Tom Howard/John H. Reid Short Story Contest : Guidelines


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Tom Howard/John H. Reid Short Story Contest

Welcome to the 16th annual Tom Howard/John H. Reid Short Story Contest sponsored by Tom Howard Books. Any type of original short story, essay or other work of prose is eligible. Prizes totaling $5,250 will be awarded, up from $4,000 in the prior year. Click here to read winning entries from the past.

Submission Period
Entries accepted August 15-March 31 (postmark dates). Early submission is encouraged.


What to Submit
Short stories, essays or other works of prose, up to 5,000 words each. There are no restrictions on style or theme. Each entry should be your own original work. You may submit the same work simultaneously to this contest and to others, and you may submit works that have been published or won prizes elsewhere, as long as you own the online publication rights.


Burner is that girl. She's witty, pretty, and doesn't dumb herself down. By day, she's a kindergarten teacher and by night, dances gogo. She's the chick who soundtracks her days with Wagner, and goes out to see The Warlocks in a grungy downtown bar at night. She saves Bach for rainy mornings, The Beatles for sunny afternoons. She's a muse and amusing, compelling and never complacent. She gets her greatest inspiration from the sounds, images and words that the world has produced, and certainly can't live without music.

Burner contributors' work gets your blood pumping, heart racing, and induces literary, musical, visual crushes. You don't need to be of the fairer sex to contribute, nor should your submission necessarily have anything to do with women's interests or issues. We're not ruling that out; we're not ruling anything out. The Burner woman, after all, could just as well be a man. (An angel-faced, Rimbaud-spouting, great haircut kind of man who maybe-probably listens to The Libertines, but a man all the same.)
Burner Issue 03, set for release March 1, 2011, will be MUSIC themed. We're interested in science, art, truth, conspiracies, naturalism, cyborgs, music, beauty, sex, and everything in between, so long as you in someway, shape or form relate it back to MUSIC: your most powerful experiences with it, how you interact with it on a daily basis, the day you heard the first song that broke your heart - go wild, dearest contributor, these choices are yours to make. We will, however, toss your submission into the proverbial wastebasket faster than you can say'Exile on Main Street' if it even remotely resembles the uninspired and pretentious academia which so bored us to death we had to create our own magazine.

It's pretty simple, really: send us your guts on a page (not always literally, please and thank you) and you'll probably hear back from us. Send us something that you'd give a professor and you probably won't.

For Issue 03, we're looking for you crazy, beautiful Burner girls and boys to send us your most glorious, inspired, heartbreaking, and most importantly music-related work to us at no later than January 18, 2011.
Poetry:3-5 poems that you feel fit the Burner Magazine ethos in respect to Issue 03's theme of MUSIC. Please attach all poems in a single document with full formatting (.doc/.rtf preferred), and include the word "POETRY" in the subject line.

Short fiction/non-fiction: Submissions of short fiction and non-fiction should be limited 500-1000 words, fit into Issue 03's theme of MUSIC, and be attached in a single document. Include the words "FICTION" or "NON-FICTION" in the subject line. Photography/VisualArt: We need your most incendiary and inspiring visual works that are somehow related to the wide and wonderful world of MUSIC to bring our issue to life. Please send us high-resolution images and include the word "PHOTO" in the subject line. Music: We'd love to hear from all you bands, producers and music lovers! If we absolutely adore it, we'll find a way to slip in audio files and music-related write-ups. Please ensure the word "MUSIC" is included in the subject line.

Gak:Have you been working on something that you feel is right up Burner's alley but doesn't fit into any of the above categories? Send it anyways (so long as it has something to do with MUSIC)! Include the word "GAK"in the subject line.

Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art


Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art is now accepting submissions for annual Contests in Poetry, Fiction, Poetry & Nonfiction. Winning entries in each category will be awarded $500 and will be published in Issue 47, due out in the spring All entrants will receive a copy of Columbia. Fiction and nonfiction entrants may submit up to 20 double-spaced pages. Poetry entrants may submit up to five poems.


Deadline: The deadline for entry is January 18, 2011.
Entry fee: $12.00 / Electronic entry only.




BOULEVARD Short Fiction Contest For Emerging Writers



$1,500 and publication in Boulevard awarded to the winning story by a writer who has not yet published a book of fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction with a nationally distributed press

  1. All entries must be postmarked by December 31, 2010. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but previously accepted or published work is ineligible.  Entries will be judged by the editors of Boulevard magazine. Send typed, double-spaced manuscript(s) and SAS post card for acknowledgement of receipt to: Boulevard Emerging Writers Contest, PMB 325, 6614 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights, MO 63117.  No manuscripts will be returned.
  2. Entry fee is $15 for each individual story, with no limit per author.  Entry fee includes a one-year subscription to Boulevard (one per author).  Make check payable to Boulevard.
  3. There is no maximum length.  Author's name, address, and telephone number, in addition to the story's title and "Boulevard Emerging Writers Contest," should appear on page one.  Cover sheets are not necessary.
  4. The winning story will be published in the Spring or Fall issue of Boulevard.
  5. Include a 3 x 5 inch index card with your name, address and title of your submission(s).
  6. These are the complete guidelines.


Boulevard Magazine
6614 Clayton Rd
Box 325
Richmond Heights, MO 63117


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Multigenre Contest NMW


This is your year.  Used as a textbook in creative writing classes, this could be the guide to the best year of your life. 


To Enter, Follow these Guidelines:

  1. No restrictions as to style, content or number of submissions. Previously published pieces OK if online or under 5,000 print circulation.
  2. Winners and selected finalists published in the 2008 issue NMW, which you will receive for entering. Winners will also be published online at this web site.
  3. Send any time between now and midnight, January 31, 2011 .
  4. Simultaneous & multiple submissions welcome.
  5. Each Fiction or Nonfiction is a separate entry and should total no more than 6,000 words, except for the Short-Short Fiction Prize, which should total no more than 1,000 words. (Nonfiction includes essays, profiles, memoirs, interviews, creative nonfiction, travel, humor, etc.)
  6. Each Poetry entry may include up to three poems, not to exceed five pages total.
  7. Put name, address, phone, email, and category entered on the first page of each entry.
  8. A $17 reading fee is required for each entry.

$1,000 for best Story; $1,000 for best Poem; $1,000 best Nonfiction
(Nonfiction includes humor, memoir, creative
nonfiction, travel, opinion, essay, interview, features, investigative
reporting, etc.)     


Plus, $1,000 for best Short Short Fiction (1,000-word limit)

Winners of NMW Awards
are showcased along with interviews, profiles and tributes to famous writers such as J. D. Salinger, Julia Glass, Shel
Silverstein, Khaled Hosseini (The Kite-Runner), George Garrett, Ken Kesey, John Updike, Lee Smith, Cormac McCarthy, Lucille Clifton, Shelby Foote, Paul West, Norman Mailer, Sharyn McCrumb, William Kennedy, Faulkner, Hemingway, Dickinson, Keats, Percy, Warren and many others. Also, prize-winning stories,poems & articles, humor, graphic arts & writing advice. 200 pages plus.


New Delta Review's Matt Clark Prize in Fiction and Poetry.


This year's contest winners will be published in our special anniversary double issue, celebrating the 150 year history of LSU and the 25th anniversary of the MFA program.

Prize: $250 in each genre and publication in New Delta Review. Finalists will also be considered for publication.

Deadline: January 31st

$10 submission fee includes option to purchase discounted one-year subscription to New Delta Review for an additional $10.


• previously unpublished short story or maximum 5 poems

• completed entry form/title page with all contact information (available on our website: )

• $10 entry fee



Matt Clark Fiction/Poetry Prize

New Delta Review 
Department of English  
15 Allen Hall 
Louisiana State University 
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5001

Unlimited submissions are welcome; each submission must be accompanied by $10 fee.

Simultaneous submissions with notification are welcome.

Visit us on Facebook, where you can post questions!


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