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Amy Lou Jenkins is the award-winning author of Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open-Air Parenting

"If you combined the lyricism of Annie Dillard, the vision of Aldo Leopold, and the gentle but tough-minded optimism of Frank McCourt, you might come close to Amy Lou Jenkins.Tom Bissell author of The Father of All Things 

"Sentence by sentence, a joy to read."   Phillip Lopate, Author of Waterfront

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  Upside Down Tomato Garden at Hammacher Schlemmer
   Key West Gardens and Their Stories offers a rare opportunity to sneak a peek into the lushly green and flowered tropical gardens of old Key West, whether they be hidden backyards of private homes, award-wining gardens of boutique hotels, or those where Pulitzer Prize-winning writers were inspired or presidents once strolled.

Enjoy beautiful views of the islanders' sanctuary as well as fascinating stores and histories of the ground where these gardens now grow.


 Summer entertainment

 Outlet 6

  American Garden Writing features the letters, travel journals, essays, natural histoires, and seed catalogues of over 50 authors, including Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Olmsted (who designed Central Park), Henry David Thoreau, and Edith Wharton.
  All Fall bulbs 10% off   cover  Sweet Days and Roses: An Anthology of Garden Writing The next best thing to working in your garden is reading about the pleasures a garden can bring. Witty and anecdotal, it brings together some of the best garden writing of the past five centuries, with a sparkling introduction and perceptive commentaries by author Leslie Geddes-Brown.

Arranged in four parts-Garden Glory, Designs and Schemes, Plant Passions and The Gardeners-the anthology includes insights from gardening luminaries such as Vita Sackville-West, Gertrude Jekyll, and Mirabel Osler, interspersed with reflections from a wide variety of literary greats, from Shakespeare to Samuel Pepys; from Edith Wharton to Frances Hodgson Burnett-as well as poems by, among others, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Burns, Alfred Lord Ferguson, and Robert Frost.

For anyone who loves gardens or gardening, Sweet Days and Roses is a bountiful harvest that is simply not to be missed. - Use special coupon # G5666 for 3 free Peacock Orchid Bulbs with any purchase!   Perfect for amateurs, professionals, and aficionados, a poetic, instructive, and inspiring collection of quotes on the world's most popular hobby. My garden is an honest place. Every tree and every vine are incapable of concealment, and tell after two or three months exactly what sort of treatment they have had.--Ralph Waldo Emerson
  $20 off $40


   From the internationally acclaimed Czech writer Karel Capek comes this beautifully written and marvelously apt account of the trials and tribulations of the gardener’s life. First published in Prague in 1929, The Gardener’s Year combines a richly comic portrait of life in the garden, narrated month by month, with a series of delightful illustrations by the author’s older brother and collaborator, Josef. Capek’s gardeners—all too human, despite their lofty aspirations—often look the fool, whether they be found sopping wet, victims of the cobralike water hose, or hunched over, hands immersed in the soil, “presenting their rumps to the splendid azure sky.” In their repeated folly, Capek gives us not only cause for laughter but also, in the end, “testimony of the imperishable and miraculous optimism of the human race.”
  $20 off $40


  Janet Marinelli left her comfortable city garden to join a botanist colleague in search of the rare Seabeach Amaranth--one of our many native species that is in danger of extinction. The result of the ensuing seven-year odyssey, Stalking the Wild Amaranth is a work of science and a work of art. Marinelli tells the story of her discovery that contemporary gardening is out of sync with theories evolving on the frontiers of science and philosophy. She also tells of her quest for a new garden art that nurtures a greater richness and variety of earthly life. Inspired by the legacy of Henry David Thoreau, Marinelli bls history, horticulture, erudition, and personal insight into a narrative that ponders the relationship between humankind and nature. She fleshes out a vision for a new, ecologically wise landscape art, disagreeing ultimately with those who insist that growing native plants is the only way to recover our environmental equilibrium. Gardeners, she writes, should be free to experiment, to let our imaginations run wild, to learn how to be the creators of biodiversity as well as the preservers and restorers.
  $10 off $30   One of the most popular in the series, this collection includes stories by  Erma Bombeck and Nelson Mandela.  Even if you're not a Chicken Soup fan--this book will make you feel better.

For beginning gardeners and veteran green-thumbs-this uplifting collection of stories is filled with what every gardener knows-gardens fill lives with a special richness because they are a living reminder of the beauty in the world. Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul celebrates all the magic of gardening-the feeling of satisfaction that comes from creating something from nothing; the physical and spiritual renewal the earth provides; and the special moments shared with friends and family only nature can bestow.