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Amy Lou Jenkins is the award-winning author of Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open-Air Parenting

"If you combined the lyricism of Annie Dillard, the vision of Aldo Leopold, and the gentle but tough-minded optimism of Frank McCourt, you might come close to Amy Lou Jenkins.Tom Bissell author of The Father of All Things 

"Sentence by sentence, a joy to read."   Phillip Lopate, Author of Waterfront

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Wedding Blessings

 Wedding Blessings for a Blessed Wedding.  Bride? Groom? Best Man? Maid of Honor? Father of the Bride? Whatever your part in the wedding, there's an anthology out there to make your words meaningful and memorable.

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                  Wedding Blessings:      Prayers and Poems...  A beautiful collection of poems, prayers, and toasts for all marriage celebrations.  Finding the right words about love for a wedding or anniversary can be difficult. In Wedding Blessings, June Cotner has collected perfect selections for the bride, groom, members of the wedding party, and other family and friends to share. From verses and vows to prayers and toasts, the sentiments of Wedding Blessings will help make any marriage celebration more memorable. With selections devoted to "anniversaries" and "Reflections", Wedding Blessings also serves as a tribute to and affirmation of marriage.Filled with inspiration and timeless words by renowned authors such as Robert Browning, Rainer Maria Rilke, the Persian poet Rumi, as well as many contemporary writers, this spiritual, multi-faith anthology offers true gems suitable for all aspects of weddings, anniversaries, and vow-renewal ceremonies. Wedding Blessings is a wonderful gift for the bride-to-be and others celebrating the union of marriage. 

June Cotner is the author of more than a dozen anthologies, including the bestselling Graces; see more June Cotner Anthologies. She lives in Poulsbo, Washington. Bless the Day: Prayers & Poems to...

 Weddings:The Magic of Creating Your Own Ceremony

Praised as "the best book of its kind," Weddings: The Magic of Creating Your Own Ceremony is not about food, fashion or flowers. It is a guide to creating innovative ceremonies. Couples will discover an inspiring array of rites: secular and religious, contemporary and traditional, interfaith and cross-cultural; along with quotes from popular and classical poetry, literature and song -- something for everyone's taste.

Wedding Blessing  

 by Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin

Today you take the step of consecrating the very special relationship you have been building . . . and in this step you change forever the direction of your individual life paths.

Today you begin your journey together, weaving the strands of your different lives into a strong thread that will be your guide, no matter how stimulating or strenuous your common path. Take time - even in the midst of all the excitement of these days - take time to acknowledge the blessing that you have been given, for love such as yours does not come to every person, nor does it make itself known every day.

Cherish the blessing that is your love.

Honor the gift that is the trust you show one for the other as you literally place your life into your loved one's hands.

I pray that as your marriage unfolds you will come to each day with love and devotion in your hearts. That laughter and joy will always reside in your home.

May you live with quiet grace and gentle faith; your home blessed with wide-flung doors to welcome family and friends that the love you build together may be shared with the wider world. Above all, I pray that, at the end of your life's journey, you will look at one another and know that you have loved deeply, cared fully and grown wise in the soft light of God's love.

About the Author

Maureen Killoran is an ordained Unitarian minister who has performed over 300 weddings and services of union. After 20 years as a parish minister, she is now joyfully working as a life coach and performing creative and unique weddings in Western North Carolina. Visit her at, or subscribe to her free e-zine, SEEDS OF CHANGE.




Writing your Wedding Vows   by Kerrie G

Why should you write your own wedding vows

Although there may be some restriction on writing your own wedding vows, having personalised vows lets you move away from the standardised wording and bring some thing different to your wedding. Exchanging your vows is one of the most important aspects of the ceremony. This is time where you get to gaze into each others eyes and block out the world around you. If you ever wanted to shout from the roof tops about how fantastic your partner is and how happy you are, then this is the perfect opportunity. It's also a opportunity where you can emphasise your friendship, the meaningful moments that you already have and your dreams for your future together. See the top tips for personalising your wedding vows.

From your guest's point of view, it the time where they really pay attention, for them this is what the wedding ceremony is about.

Statutory civil Wedding Vows

However there are statutory civil wedding vows for England and Wales that are required to make your marriage legal and must be said by the bride and groom. These are:

"I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I [insert name here] may not be joined in matrimony to [insert partners name]"

"I call upon these persons here present to witness that I [insert name] do take thee [insert partners name] to be my lawful wedded husband/wife."

If you choose to have a civil wedding ceremony you will probably be given a choice in your statutory vows, each with have the same meaning and are legal.

You will be able to add your written wedding vows before or after the statutory civil vows.

Top tips for writing wedding vows

Your vows should be created with your guests in mind as your wedding vows are a public declaration. While they should be meaningful to you and your partner, your guests should be able to understand what you are talking about.

Long wedding vows will become tiresome to listen to, kept them relatively short and don't include intimate details. You may be happy to share these but they might make some of your guests feel uncomfortable.

Your wedding vows should include a promise to deal with change together and grow closer as a result of bad times or obstacles.

Ensure you discuss your wedding vows with the person conducting the wedding ceremony, as it is them who will give the final say on what your wedding vows can or can not include, they may also give you a new idea or two too.

Ensure you have a copy of your vows on your wedding day, you may have memorised them perfectly standing in front of the mirror or with a friend, but when your stood up in front of more people than your used to, it's very easy to forget your lines and you'll feel awful if mind goes blank at the crucial moment.

Don't rush through your wedding vows. If you not used to speaking publicly the tendency is to get it over a done with as soon as possible but if you've gone to the trouble of writing your own wedding vows people should be able to hear them. Speak slowly and clearly.

About the Author

Kerrie Giles is the owner of the bridal accessories online store - Wedding And Gems. A wide range of hancrafted designer wedding tiaras and diamante tiaras are available, plus a expansive selection of wedding jewelery.